Welcome to Atelier 1202!

Established in 2018, our brand was developed from the desire to blend the essence of Brazilian fashion with the Swiss quality standard, and to use this plurality of cultures to present a fresh and simply chic design.



Focused on the segments of intimates and swimwear women's fashion, the brand relies on its expertise in product development, coupled with research and selection of feminine, technological and touch-sensitive raw materials. After all, we believe that fashion is the form of art closest to the body and our products deserve this special attention at every stage of the creative process.

About the brand’s name

The name Atelier 1202 has much to do with our essence we would like to project onto our customers and partners.

The word atelier means, mainly, a place of artistic work and creative projects, working with something that you take care with your hands. For us, it means a special care in the entire product development chain, treating fashion as art from the first sketches.

The 1202 draws from our Atelier’s birthplace here in Geneva and it represents the cosmopolitan essence of our work.

In this way, the name Atelier 1202 represents a business project that values fashion design in an artistic, contemporary and multicultural way. And you know what we love the most in that name? It can be said effortlessly in several languages, such as English, French or Portuguese <3


Who made our clothes?

Every step of the design, marketing and brand development is developed in Geneva, and we are proud to say that we take care of our small production with our own hands, so we can create a coherent universe of the lifestyle we love and that translates into products born to last forever in your wardrobe.

We take care of every step of our development and production chain with respect, transparency and integrity, working closely with certified suppliers that are experts on underwear and swimwear as well as the export business.

Presently, our products are made in two beautiful regions of Brazil: Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul. Minas Gerais is internationally recognized as having an authorial and regional fashion style that values the local culture. Rio Grande do Sul is part of southern Brazil and has a large expertise in high quality, high-end yarn and fabric production, as well as highly recognized brands in the market. By the way, you should visit these regions, they are beautiful!

About our products

We love to design beautiful and timeless pieces that value every movement of the woman we dress. Every material used in manufacturing our products is of top high quality, including technological fabrics and anti-allergic metals, for example. Social and environmental sustainability is also among our core values when sourcing our fabrics.

You can know more details about each product by selecting it in our online shop.

Premium fabrics * Special Labels

We’re happy to use LYCRA® along with special labels that protect even more your product, your body and the environment. The special labels are always flagged in the products in our online shop. Know more about some of them here:

CO2 Control Technology

- Fabric produced with AMNI Soul Eco® yarn from Rhodia® Solvay®, the first Nylon 6.6 biodegradable in the world.

- Use of recycled water, toxic-free agriculture and biodegradable synthetic material on production

- Absence of products that are harmful to the skin

- Product certified with the renowned Oeko Tex® Standard 100 label (read more here)


LYCRA® has been synonymous of quality and durability for almost 60 years. The LYCRA® fiber in our fabrics make the clothes fit better and maintains quality after every wash. When it comes to underwear and swimwear, that we wash all the time, these features are extremely important!

UPF 50+

We also have some fabrics with extra-high UV Protection! The fabric blocks 97.5% of UV rays.  It is the perfect fabric for swimwear as it helps to protect your skin and the fabric. This product alone does not guarantee protection throughout your body, so don´t forget to always use sunscreen!